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Haig Bazoian, experienced facilitator of Strategic Planning meetings guides management through a Team Planning process to integrated strategic, operational and implementation plans; based upon extensive top management and Strategic Planning Consultant experience.

To assist you in developing your plans, we provide:
A pragmatic strategic planning facilitator with extensive CEO, international and senior management experience.
A Team Planning process proven over 15 years with over 125 organizations guided by a Facilitator for Strategic Planning.
A process which incorporates interviews, questionnaires and a candid two day off-site meeting to determine: where you are and want to go.
The development of an integrated Direction/Vision, Strategic Objectives, Strategies and Implementation Plans targeted at profit and growth.
Strategic Planning consulting and Strategic Thinking.
Highlights of a seminar presently taught at the Caltech Industrial Relations Center titled "Integrated Strategic Planning linking Marketing, R&D and Production Strategies."
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