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Why use a facilitator?
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15 years as a Strategic Planning Facilitator and Strategic Planning Consultant.
7 years as president of a Xerox division.
20 years in management of sales, marketing, product development and operations.
14 years as an educator in Strategic Planning.

Haig Bazoian's skills as a facilitator of Strategic Planning meetings and years of line management experience result in time efficient meetings and highly effective results.

With 20 years in management roles, 7 years as President of a Xerox Division and 15 years leading planning sessions, Haig Bazoian brings a realistic viewpoint to the strategic planning process.

As a pragmatic facilitator of Strategic Planning; challenging the status quo, stimulating fresh ideas, and driving to plans that can be implemented across the organization are important aspects of the service provided.

As President of Xerox Computer Services for seven years, Haig Bazoian was responsible for initiating, developing and implementing major strategic and tactical plans. Haig joined Xerox Computer Services at its organization and guided it through profitable growth from $20-$90 million. The rapid growth of this technology-based company required close coordination of functional strategies and a constant focus on strategic planning and implementation.

Prior to establishing a strategic planning facilitator and strategic planning consulting firm fifteen years ago, Haig also had senior management experience in sales, marketing, product development, operations, planning and business development with Litton, IBM and Xerox. In positions as vice president of marketing and sales and as vice president of operations, both with international responsibilities, strategies requiring changes in direction and culture were structured and implemented.

Haig works with executives of technology, industrial, health care, distribution and service companies varying in size from start-up to multi-billion dollars.

Haig Bazoian received a B.S. in engineering and an M.B.A. from UCLA and has instructed at the Graduate School of Management. For the past 14 years he has taught a seminar for senior managers at the Caltech Industrial Relations Center titled "Integrated Strategic Planning, Linking Marketing, R&D and Production Strategies."

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